Friday, April 13, 2012

This Sporting Life and Electoral Violence

Watching two AFL games live at the same time. Woof.

I’ve decided to spend the night at the Dili Beach Hotel. Bear with me. The first semi-final of the FA Cup is on tonight, Liverpool vs. Everton, and I really want to watch it. I haven’t watched much football and this could be a ripper. Probably will be a scrappy derby match, with the added spice of a place in the final up for grabs. Everton are the form team, can’t stop scoring goals. Liverpool, really struggling and have to start with their third choice goalkeeper. What a calamity; their first two choices out through red cards. I’m not feeling that confident based on current form but anything can happen in a cup game. Come on you Reds. It’s also fitting that it’s the day before the anniversary of the Hillsborough tragedy. YNWA; justice for the 96.

Anyway, the point being… ummm, oh yeah, the game won’t start till 9.30pm and things are getting kinda tense around the place with the elections on Monday. To follow up on my last post, I’ve heard that the TMR campaign HQ was attacked by some 100 FRETILIN supporters. This news came to me this morning from a journalist friend. The PNTL are investigating the situation as I write this. There have also been a series of incidents that have seemingly targeted foreigners. People have been stopped, asked for money or other documents. Vehicles have been stoned. Roadblocks setup by goodness knows who have been erected. I honestly don’t feel that confident about traveling when it starts to get dark. And this is the lead up to the polls. I expect things to possibly get tenser and more challenging after the results are announced. 

It is in this context that I decided that the most sensible choice was to watch the match at the DBH, would probably finish just before midnight – assuming it doesn’t go to extra time or penalties - and just crash there at the hotel. Expensive for a football game but these kind of games don’t happen on a regular basis.
Oh yeah, I’m watching two live games of AFL concurrently as I write this. Brilliant. I find I write very productively with the AFL in the background. What a game last night, blues over the pies, and of course my cats got over the hawks by a whisker on Monday. Go Cats. 

Lunch time. Catch you later.

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