Friday, April 27, 2012

Normal Service has Resumed

Apologies, I meant to update this earlier (Tuesday).

I fully intended to but I had what was undoubtedly the worst day of my time here.

I had stomach issues (I'll spare you the details) in the morning and was feeling rubbish all through the day. I ended up going home with a fever as well. I was really concerned I had contracted Dengue Fever; I felt sore all over, I had a high temperature, and a bad headache. I stayed at home for the next two days and I seem to be over the worst of it. May have just been a virus kinda thing.

Ensuring that Tuesday was the worst day of my time here was the theft of my motorbike. I left it at RnR Cafe, where I was meeting someone for lunch. Sometime between 12 and 2 someone nicked off with it. I reported it to the police (waste of time) and retreated back to the office. Likely scenario is that it was taken by a local gang. They extort local businesses for protection money. A well informed person suspects that RnR hasn't been paying its dues, this has happened before at this place. The local racket takes its customers' vehicles as a way of encouraging businesses to pay the protection money. (Customers won't come back if their stuff gets nicked, the business loses business etc etc...)

I won't get it back. It's probably on its way to West Timor, or already there. Going to buy a 2nd hand bike for the last three bikes. And I will be far more careful about my parking. Oh yeah, insurance doesn't cover it so I"m out a nice chunk of change.

I'm looking forward to my break. Heading to Bali for a week on the 9th of May. Need to get out and stop (somehow). I think I'll post on the weekend, want to catch up on election results and other issues. Might just put up some photos this evening.

Hope you had a better week than me!

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